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It’s all about the right infrastructure

We Promise Quality Because We Work for It

From our humble beginnings two decades ago, we’ve continuously strived to better ourselves in practice and technology. Today, Kamala Plastics is a one stop supplier of PET bottles and containers in Kolhapur and beyond. From plastic jars for pickles, jams, spices, chutneys etc to juice, milk, oil, and syrup bottles, we produce a plethora of PET containers.
All our containers are manufactured from high grade non toxic plastic that offers durability & excellent shelf life to your products.
High-Tech Manufacturing
Our state of the art manufacturing unit in Kolhapur boasts high tech machines, with a streamlined production flow. Our team of experts oversee every batch with due diligence, making production truly smooth and error-free.

With latest technology production machinery, we are able to deliver huge orders with short turnaround time. Currently, we are able to produce up to (insert number) PET bottles and jars per day.

Product Customizability
The manufacturing process at Kamala Plastics is equipped with versatile tools to enable extensive customizability. Depending upon your business requirements and order size, we offer custom plastic jars for packaging that suit your requirements.
This customization includes shape and size of the containers, color options, etc.

Branding Integration
Most PET container suppliers offer stock packaging bottles for juices and other items. We, at Kamala Plastics, offer you comprehensive packaging solutions that include branding consultation and design. You can provide your packaging design to be integrated in your plastic bottles or jars order. Alternatively, our team can also help you create a truly impressive branding design for your jam or cream PET jars.

Wide Distribution Network
Over the years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of brands from all parts of the country, delivering quality PET jars for edible items and personal care products. Our wide and dependable distribution network makes it possible for us to offer on-time affordable delivery without risk of damage or loss of products.From small jars to large bottles and cans, we bring all types of PET containers to your business hassle-free. Our outstanding manufacturing, customization, and distribution capabilities make us an ideal plastic bottles and packaging supplier in Kolhapur.
Looking forward to be your trusted partner in growth with our high grade plastic bottles, jars, and containers.