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About Us

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Kamala Plastics is a leading name in the field of plastic jars manufacturing. Since 2001, we've been trusted suppliers of PET bottles and jars for all kinds of FMCG products, pharmaceuticals, and beyond. Our wide range of plastic jars, bottles, lids, and cappings are made using high grade material as per industry quality and utility norms.
Based in Kolhapur Maharashtra, Kamala Plastics has gained trust of clients from across the country with our dependable packaging services. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing PET jars; we've developed a range with versatile application across industries and product types. Our state of the art manufacturing facility can produce PET products in large quantities, ensuring on time delivery, no matter how big your order is.
All our bottles, jars, and boxes are made using only the best quality material, and undergo strict quality checks to ensure the perfect packaging for your products. Based on your business, branding, and packaging needs, you can choose from our wide range of products, customise their colours, or get custom packaging to suit your novelty needs.
Since our inception, we’ve made complete customer satisfaction a priority for our services. Our team offers expert consultation to help you pick the right PET jars and bottles for your packaging needs, assists you in developing visually appealing packaging designs, along with reliable and prompt after sales services.
Our clientele features companies producing processed food and beverages, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and alternate medicine, oils, creams, and other essentials and lifestyle products. We cater to many renowned national and regional brands, which trust us for their consistent packaging requirements.
Get in touch with us to discuss more about your PET bottle and jars needs, or other bespoke packaging solutions, and how Kamala Plastics can make your products stand out in supermarket shelves.

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Why Choose Us

Not sure about which PET jars supplier in Maharashtra you should choose ?

We at Kamala Plastics understand your hesitation in finalising a new plastic bottles provider. In the last 20 years, we’ve grown with hundreds of brands, delivering high quality PET bottles and jars for their packaging needs.
Here are some reasons that make us the perfect plastic packaging partner for your business:

Wide Range of Products
Our thoughtfully designed PET bottles and jars can be used for a wide variety of packaging needs. We supply PET bottles for oils, creams, serums, and plastic jars for pantry products like jams, grains, spices and more.
Kamala Plastics engages in research and development of user friendly designs based on extensive customer surveys and product feedback. Our efforts towards innovation in design make us an ideal partner for your packaging needs. We also provide custom packaging solutions for novelty products in large quantities.
High Grade Material
We understand that packaging is an integral element of your product needs. This is why we use only high grade material to manufacture our bottles and jars.
All our products undergo strict quality checks to ensure utmost strength, durability, utility, and visual appeal. This way, your customers get your quality products packaged in a reliable quality jar or bottle.
Dependable Customer Service
At Kamala Plastics, we take immense pride in our dedicated and experienced team that works tirelessly to ensure comprehensive solutions for all your packaging needs.
Our experts assist you in every step of the process from picking the right PET bottles and jars for your products to designing a visually appealing packaging. We strive for utmost customer satisfaction with efficient solutions, quality products, timely nationwide delivery, and impeccable post-sales services.
State of the Art Manufacturing
Since our humble beginnings over 20 years ago, we have continuously upgraded our production facility with the latest technology in PET production and design.
Based in Kolhapur, our state of the art manufacturing unit features new age production machines to give you the best quality plastic jars and bottles in Maharashtra and other parts of India.

Competitive Pricing
We believe that quality packaging products should not come with an affordable price tag. At Kamala Plastics, we offer high grade PET packaging in India at competitive rates.
Our PET jars for cream, serums, oils etc can be purchased in bulk at great prices to keep your cost of production low, while maintaining immaculate quality.
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